Building Your Business Website Series – Part I: The Cost of Not Having a Website

Does Your Start-Up Really Need to Invest in Custom Web Design? How to Get a Return on Your Website Development Costs

Here are the facts: Over 100 billion searches for products and services are performed on Google every month and some 50 billion web pages are indexed on Google.* What does this mean to business startups? The Internet is where customers look to make purchases, and companies are realizing this by creating websites to attract new business.

Without a web presence, your company stands to lose untold sums of revenue.

Here’s what a custom web design does for your business:

  • Your business is accessible from anywhere in the world at anytime

    Whether your company serves the local Central Valley communities or reaches worldwide, it is easily accessed with a Wi-Fi connection. This means you are open for business 24/7.

  • Your clients and customers stay informed

    Use your website to announce your newest products and innovations. Include behind-the-scenes, exclusive photos, videos, and information. Advise customers of promotions, upcoming events, and your unique services. Your business website grants you the opportunity to update information in real-time. This isn’t an option in print, radio, and TV advertising.

  • Your business builds a reputation of credibility

    Consumers use the Internet to shop and compare. With a customized business website, you are “in the game” and you have the ability to prevent your target audience from shopping elsewhere. The bonus is that your website ties in with social media so that happy customers spread the news of your products. This snowball effect sends ever more buyers to your company.

  • You can monitor your competition and build a niche

    Surf over to your competitors’ sites and examine their products and claims. Then address needs that those companies are ignoring to attract new customers to your brand. Using images, videos, and testimonials, rise above your competitors by proving what makes your company stand out.

  • Your customer service improves

    Including educational information, such as how-to infographics, ingredient lists, video demonstrations, and a FAQ page, you demonstrate to your website visitors that your company cares about its customers. Include a contact form on your website and offer more personalized service.

Customized website development is a necessary expense if your company wants to compete in today’s marketplace. And you certainly get what you pay for. Of course, “free” websites abound on the Internet. However, they may not include hidden costs, such as hosting, purchase of graphics, and additional plugins that make your website “work.” Examples of typical add-on costs typically include contact forms, social media links, shopping cart technology, and the like.

In conclusion, when experienced web techs build your custom site, you’ll gain a return on your investment. We know how to include options on your website that convert visitors into loyal customers. In the Central Valley, turn to Fresno’s premiere website creation team, Edit LLC. Contact us at 559-281-2855 to get started.

* According to “By The Numbers: 100 Amazing Google Statistics and Facts” at