Building Your Business Websites Series – Part III: Top 10 Advantages of Owning a Website

The Top 10 Advantages of Owning Your Own Business Website

Are you using a business page on Facebook or LinkedIn as a substitute for a business website? Not everyone is a social networker.

Your website is your company’s retail address on the Internet. Social media business pages serve as billboards to direct followers to your website. Without a dedicated website for your business, how can potential customers find out more about your products and services when they hear about them on social networks?

Still hesitant to taking the plunge into website development?

Read the top 10 advantages of owning your own business website:


1.Your business becomes visible billions

Over 100 billion unique searches are performed on Google per month, and more than half of those searches originate from mobile devices. Customers research online before buying. When your website appears in Google searches, the world has access to your company.

2. Your doors never close

Customers have access to the Internet 24/7, which means that even insomniacs can visit your online place of business and check out your wares.

3. You become a force to be reckoned with

Developing a niche is ever so much easier when you have a website presence, because you can see what your competition is up to. Are there customer needs that are ignored on your competitors’ websites? Address them and feature unique products and services that stand out above the fray. You’ll attract customers like bees to honey.

4. You have access to analytical tools to measure and adjust your marketing tactics

Google Analytics allows you to monitor the success of your online strategies.

5. You open a dynamic window into your business

Need to add new products, update information, offer time-sensitive coupons, post reports, and invite customers to events? Window dress your website in real-time, so that visitors can view your company’s most current info. Unlike static offline forms of promotion, such as outdated printed brochures, freshen your customer’s view of your website at a moment’s notice.

6. Your shoppers become customers

Convert visitors into buyers with the content you offer on your website, such as exclusive coupons. Develop an email list for your newsletters by offering free, downloadable information available with signups. Add educational and FAQ pages to answer customer’s questions or concerns. Pocket money directly from sales on your website, where customers can register for webinars, pay for e-books, and purchase products with the newest shopping cart technology.

7. You build customer loyalty

Increase customer satisfaction by inviting website visitors to complete a contact form on your website, where they can request a quote, ask questions about a product or service, or request more information. No longer do they need to wait until business hours to phone you, because customers can reach you anytime of the day or night. You are now free to respond to them within 24 hours to guide them to the right product, provide a quote, and close the deal. This immediate response time builds a loyal following.

8. Your credibility goes through the roof

Include info about your membership in professional organizations on your new site. Boast about your awards and experience. Invite happy customers to provide testimonials for display on your site. Spread the news via social media, always linking back to your website so that new customers can discover you. By creating a buzz about your company, you become a recognized authority.

9. Your custom web design saves money

Automation is a breeze on your website, where you can monitor inventory, process orders, and respond to customer tasks without the need of a sales staff. Telecommute to work and check in with customers from anywhere. Test your sales strategies without wasting a sheet of paper.

10. Your website is the inexpensive way to reach billions of shoppers

Compared to print, TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail, and telemarketing, a business website costs less over time. Its responsiveness affords you the luxury of fine-tuning messages to your target consumers, ensuring an ROI.

Join the community of over 1 billion websites on the Internet with your own custom web design. Turn to a website development team that will work within your budget. In the Central Valley, that expert tech team is Edit LLC. Reach us at 559-281-2855 for a free consultation.

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Top 10 Advantages of Owning a Website