Content Marketing 101 for Building Your New Website

Content Marketing 101 for Building Your New Website

Anyone can create a new website and place it on the Internet for all to see. However, you’ll need to carefully consider how it attracts your target audience, your specific customers and clients? How does it convince them to make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter? Does your site entice visitors to contact you for more information or take other actions that lead to increasing your bottom line? The solution is content marketing.

Great content is the cornerstone of marketing. It makes your website visitors to pause, read, and consider information ultimately driving them to take action. If they aren’t interested, and the content you post has no relevance to them, they will surf over to your competitors and buy from them.

Learn the basics of creating content for your website that excites your potential customers. Here at Edit LLC, we want your website to be financially successful, so we’re offering some great resources below as a “Content Marketing 101”:

Learn the basics

• Content Marketing Institute

Learn the basics of content marketing, including how to get started and their 16-page “36 Questions to Answer” guide for developing a content marketing strategy. Download their free “Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program” tutorial.

• Copyblogger

Download their series of 7 free e-books about content marketing for your website and beyond. Read recent content marketing articles, and get more online marketing advice.

• MarketingProfs

With a free membership at, you have instant access to daily how-to marketing articles, webinars, and more. They also offer a free writing kit.
About Money section of—Read numerous content marketing articles, including “Content Marketing—Understanding the Why and How

How blog content marketing differs from the rest of the content on your website

• Social Media Examiner

Your website blog opens the door to social media contact. Learn how to write great posts from the time you launch your website from “26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts”.

•Boost Blog Traffic

This cool site offers articles that improve your online content writing, along with a “Cheat Sheet for Writing Blog Posts that Go Viral”.

• What about images?

Create unique graphics for free at without having extensive graphic design knowledge.

• And for the best all-around news sources for up-to-the-minute news and articles about content marketing, visit

Finally, once your basic content is drafted you’re ready to build your website. Work with the team at Edit LLC to develop your own custom website or create your own mobile-friendly site in just 5 minutes, for free, without signing contracts, at With our easy website generator, select the design of your choice, edit your text, and upload your images, all without knowing complicated computer codes. Call (559) 281-2855 for more info.