Discover the Benefits of Our Site Generator for Your New Website

Why is a Business Website Important? Discover the Benefits of Our Site Generator for Your New Website

Your company’s retail home on the Internet is your website. Without a website with a domain name (a URL like, customers will have a difficult time finding you. In fact, some 93% of all business decisions begin with a search engine search (according to Profitworks). In a nutshell, you can’t afford not to have a new website.

But this doesn’t need to be an expensive proposition. Even custom web design can be affordable, without being bound to contracts. Do it yourself in 5 minutes with Buildicus, choosing from our exclusive gallery of customer-centered designs, or sit back and let our team create it for you at Edit LLC.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of having your own business website:

• Reach—You’ll be ahead of the curve, because with a Buildicus website, your website is readily available on mobile devices: laptops, smartphones, tablets, watches, you name it.

• More Sales—You’ll have a new sales tool in your arsenal. Customers can go directly to your website to get more information and receive incentives. Build confidence in your products and services, and bring credibility to your brand.

• Build an Email List—Collect emails and contact info from customers who want to hear from you. Your email list creates an excellent way to keep in touch with your target customers through newsletters.

• Accessible 24/7—Your business is globally accessible 24/7 as a website. Visitors can contact you, anytime of the day or night, to request more information.

• New Marketing Possibilities—Your business website opens the door to new marketing strategies for advertising and marketing your business online. Every post you create, even in social media, leads potential customers to your website for more information.

These are just a few of the many advantages of creating an online home for your business. Contact us at to find out how easy it is to get a new business website. Get started right now by calling (559) 281-2855.