Discover Cloud-Based Applications and How Montage Makes Cloud Computing Easier

Discover Cloud-Based Applications and How Montage Makes Cloud Computing Easier

The possibilities for cloud-based applications are infinite.

Imagine the potential of executing any program a computer can run in the cloud. Ultimately, when businesses move their computing to the cloud, they cut up-front costs and reduce the need for hardware. Today, they rely on the Internet to move resources.

To make sense of cloud computing and how it can save your company money, let’s get familiar with the elements of the cloud computing stack:

  • The top layer—Software as a Service (SaaS).

    This service is delivered over the Internet for end-users. The service provider issues a license of the application to customers as an on-demand service, subscription, or pay-as-you-go. These end-users don’t bother with upgrades and patches. This is because SaaS applications are particularly useful for web/mobile access, for short-term use of software, and for companies that need to communicate to the outside world. Examples of such applications include email software for newsletter distribution, monthly billing software, and project collaboration software.

  • The middle layer—Platform as a Service (PaaS).

    This part of the cloud is designed for software developers. Instead of software delivery over the Internet, the creation of software is delivered over the Internet. PaaS allows for integration of databases and web services, and it opens the door for collaboration between development team members. Finally, this platform is particularly useful for automating testing and utilization of software services. An example includes the Google App Engine.

  • The bottom layer—Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

    This platform distributes resources as a service, and it features many users on only one piece of hardware. This platform is of interest to new companies that do not have the budget for hardware, and for growing companies that don’t want the hassle of scaling hardware. An example of an IaaS provider includes Amazon Web Services.

Confused about these distinctions of cloud computing?

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