How to Write the Perfect Home Page for Your New Website

Put yourself in your website visitors’ place.

What are they looking for from you?
How can you keep them on your new website to continue exploring?
What are the magic words that will make them take the leap to contact you for more information and buy your products and services?

Start by researching your target customer’s interests and pains.

Create customer personas. Who are they and what makes them tick? How can you help them in ways that your competition can’t?

Use this information to build the content for your homepage, and the content for your entire site. Content marketing is not about finding the best keywords and stuffing them into your website. Successful content marketing is about sharing relevant and valuable information that relates to your target customers. It keeps customers interested in your brand.

Your content is especially important on your homepage because it’s the most visited page on your website. It’s where you’ll create a lasting first impression of what you can offer to your website visitors. If you don’t retain their interest, they’ll leave your site and give their business to your competition.

To keep them enticed:

1. Open with a strong headline. Welcome the reader and offer him or her a rainbow—Have an answer for their problem. The headline is often read first and before the body of the page. Make sure it convinces visitors to continue reading.

2. Use graphic elements to display what you can do for your potential customers. Beautiful, unique graphics are also seen before the bulk of content is read. Let the pictures tell a story—Use backgrounds and scenes that reflect the feelings of the topic you are presenting.

3. Add a short introduction, and then follow with a brief synopsis of what visitors will find within the pages of your site. Always point to how your information can solve your website visitors’ plights. Explain how your products and services can be of benefit, how they changed the lives of your customers.

4. Introduce common content necessary for each page on your homepage. Navigation to your interior pages, links to your social media profiles, and of course, your contact information. Depending upon the style of your page, include this common content a navigation bar on the left or right of the homepage, or include it at the base of each page, as a large footnote.

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